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Julaine Calhoun

Lead Pastor

Julaine was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition where she received the sacraments of infant baptism, penance, first holy communion and confirmation. In high school, she left the Catholic tradition and became part of evangelicalism in the Calvary Chapel movement.


She was deeply involved in two main thrusts of their movement; evangelism and church planting. Julaine was a singer on a weekly Christian Television Program in Los Angeles and also sang in several stage productions there. She also traveled internationally singing with a choral group named the Citrus Singers.


Julaine later joined the Hope Chapel movement where she also focused on church planting. There she served as a pastor in worship music, women’s ministry and coordinating events/activities. In 1992, She and Jimi married and together they moved to Belize, Central America.


In Belize Julaine became a licensed minister followed by ordination. Julaine and Jimi served in Belize City for 8 years as church planting ministers/missionaries. Her pastoral duties in the church included teaching, women’s ministry, administration, worship music and global mission team coordinating. She was also involved with a nationwide radio program and ecumenical evangelism events. 


Upon returning to the US, Julaine and Jimi headed to Cedar Ridge Community Church in Maryland, and in 2006, they moved to South Florida to plant a Hope Chapel Church. They spent 2 years there until their move to Austin in 2008 and in time began to lay the foundation for an interdenominational church and reconciling community that is intentionally welcoming to anyone who lives on the margins of our society regardless of their faith background, ethnicity, or physical ability. 

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