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Who We Are

A reconciling community of friends living out faith in a multi-cultural context.

Our spirituality is grounded in the Christian sacred writings, and we celebrate the diversity within all Christian traditions throughout the world.

We see the world as a spiritual place, and incorporate artistic elements such as painting, music, sacred silence, poetry, film, as well as traditional liturgical elements from the past and present.

We believe that God has spoken through the Bible and the created order. We acknowledge that a tension between the known and the unknown exists and there will be questions about God and faith that are not easily answered. For this reason we welcome and embrace spiritual curiosity as we seek answers together. 


Our gatherings are centered more around a spiritual conversation than a presentation. 

We are here to learn from each other, valuing and welcoming thoughtful dialogue.

Our main focus is on the things that connect us to God, to the world, and to each other.

Jimi Calhoun

Lead Pastor

Julaine Calhoun

Lead Pastor

Robert Watson-Hemphill

Pastor of Spiritual Formation

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